The Environmental Movement Must Change

The role of the environmental movement is changing; it is morphing into another entity, a more complex one for certain, but a more powerful one? It has that potential. The citizens of Western societies are frustrated more than ever by the intransigence of governments and their fickle incompetence when faced with questions of value. By taking this frustration and presenting to it its greatest power, positive collective action founded on individual empowerment, we can make an immeasurably greater difference beyond that which governments can achieve.

A new conservation that recognises the role of cooperative, rather than competitive arrangements can not only reduce carbon emissions, but more, can radically effect the type of behaviour change in citizens that is currently condescended to by government and big business. Technology, innovation, information, argumentation and the advancement of science are all a part of the toolkit that must be applied to convince the many, who are as yet unconvinced, not that climate change is not of fundamental importance, but that they have the power within themselves to affect real, meaningful change.

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